don't just coat your roof rubberize it.

Significant installation cost savings for customer • Minimal surface preparation required • One coat system



Performance Benefits

Superior Performing Seamless Eco Membrane, that protects substrate against corrosion, water damage, chemical attack.

Bonds to most construction materials


Elongates 100% with 95% recovery

Withstands thermal cycling


Puncture resistant

Strong UV exposure

Exposure to industrial chemicals

water, salt, acid rain, soil and airborne contaminates

What makes Eco Rubber unique

Eco Rubber is an Acrylic polymer emulsion coating engineered to provide exceptional adhesive, elastic & protective properties

Spray or brush applied at ambient temperature

Cures into a seamless membrane


Corrosion resistance

Chemical resistance


Environmentally friendly & safe

•VOC free •Non toxic •No special permitting needed •All products are solvent-free •Non-flammable •No special clothing needed for application

Roof Covering Application

• Waterproofing • Encapsulating • Rust Prevention and Rehabilitation • Chemical fall out protection

Surface Types that can be covered

• Metal Sheeted Roofs   • Tiled Roofs   • Asbestos / Nutech Roofs   • Concrete Slab Roof

Industrial Involvement

Eco Rubber products are widely used in the following industries:
•Oil and gas •Marine industries •Gas transportation •Building construction •Industrial and agricultural •Mining and Ore processing •Water containment and processing •Food processing & Abattoirs