Product Description

Eco Insulate is a Thermal insulative barrier coating, formulated with an elastomeric polymer base.

Cutting Edge Technology

This water-borne coating boast with cutting edge technology where glass microspheres are added.


Crack Resistant

Eco Insulate provides superior adhesion that proof to resist weathering, chalking and cracking.

Thermal Barrier

This product creates a Thermal barrier that is UV reflective and prevents thermal conductively.


Heat Reduction

The external coating proofs to show a significant reduction in interior temperatures of facilities, that were coated, resulting in lower mechanical cooling.

Product Benefits

Improves lifespan of substrates that were coated

Thermal insulation resulting in lower cooling costs

Corrosion control

Encapsulation (Asbestos)

Highly stretchable and contract to its original form, therefore withstanding thermal cycling.

No solvents, therefore it is Environmentally Friendly and can be applied where rainwater is harvested.

No negative effect on human or animal life.

Significant waterproofing ability (No ponding longer than 48 hours)

Can be applied to all construction materials including shipping containers.

Spray, paint or roller applied

Thermal Reduction Benefits

Lower temperature losses were recorded where exterior ambient temperatures went below 8°C. Therefore creating a more livable environment and less heating. More significant reduction in temperature is experienced where substrate temperatures are recorded on coated and non-coated areas.


18º Degrees

Ambient Temperature
7% Reduction


25º Degrees

Ambient Temperature
27% Reduction


36º Degrees

Ambient Temperature
37% Reduction


45º Degrees

Ambient Temperature
43% Reduction