What is the coverage of Eco Rubber?

1kg = 1 square

Does it come in colours? Or Clear?

    1. It comes in 7 colours (white, light grey, charcoal, black, green, terracotta, brown).
    2. It does not come in clear.

Can it be applied by brush or roller?

Yes it can be applied by brush or roller – making sure that you apply it thickly (minimum of 1 mm).

How many layers must be applied?

Minimum of 2 layers – cross applied.

What is the price for DIY Kits?

5kg DIY Kit @ R499,00 (incl. VAT) – suggested Retail Price

25kg DIY Kit @ R1 899,00 (incl. VAT) – suggested Retail Price

What is included in the DIY Kit?

Eco Rubber (sealed in a clear plastic bag) + Brush + Scissors + Membran

Can it be applied on an IBR roof?

Yes is can be applied on an IBR roof. Roof needs to be cleaned of all loose dirt or old paint flakes, by using a high pressure hose. Roof must be dry before applying Eco Rubber directly onto the IBR roof. No primer necessary.

Does it stop rust?

Yes – Eco Rubber has got a rust inhibitor inside, which prevents the roof from rusting further.

Can it be applied on an Asbestos roof?

Yes – it can be applied onto an Asbestos Roof. When Asbestos roof is very old you have to apply the Eco Bond (5L) (dilute 5L with 5L of water) and apply thin coat over asbestos area. Leave to dry and then apply Eco Rubber.

If applied in a steel water tank – is the water safe for human consumption?

Yes – Eco Rubber is an eco-friendly product and is safe for human consumption.

Can it be applied in a fish pond?

Yes – Just make sure that, if applying to an old fish pond, that the cement is complete laid dry, before applying directly onto the cement. NB: If applied over wet/damp cement – when pond heats up in the sun – the moisture will try to escape and then will form bubbles.

Can it be applied in a swimming pool?

No – Eco Rubber can not be applied in a swimming pool. It is created for low traffic areas only.

Will it withstand milk acids – i.e. dairy farm (cow water cribs/troughs)?

Yes – it will withstand milk acids. NB: If any other acids – please check with Eco Rubber Head Office first @ info@ecorubber.co.za.

If applied by airless machine – what machine can be used?

An Airless Spray Machine with a minimum 130BAR can be used with the right tip size.

How do I become an Approved Applicator with Eco Rubber?

Email Eco Rubber Head Office at info@ecorubber.co.za, and we will forward you an enquiry form.